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Tattooing The Skin

Tattooing the bottom of the feet and the palm of the hands are very unpredictable. These areas will usually disappear almost completely when healed. When tattooing the epidermis layer the ink will bleed out and fade or even disappear. The dermis is the perfect depth for tattooing.

When tattooing into the subcutaneous tissue it is too deep and you risk a blow out throughout the tattoo as well as creating scar tissue.

A blowout is when the ink is spread uncontrollably under the skin. Causing a bleed and undo pain to the client.

Going to deep causes a high risk of infection and scarring.

Unfortunately, blowouts are part of tattooing, making pressure and depth and practice extremely important. Keeping in mind it is much easier to darken a light tattoo, than fix a blowout at the touch-up. If the blowout is minimal, you can always thicken the line to blend or hide it. Otherwise, it will need to be removed by laser tattoo removal. It is always recommended to find someone in your area that you would recommend for laser tattoo removal. Remember: Too much pressure and improper positioning of the machine is the primary cause of blowouts but it is preventable with practice.

We strongly suggest this possibility be added to your waiver

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Loved the courses! I'm feeling very confident in the skills I’ve learned. Great in depth videos.

Deanna Alberta, Tiny Tattoo, Eyeliner

Did the zoom course for Nano brows and my instructor was amazing. A very in depth course. Was certified right away after doing my model. So happy with this school. Also Did the online course for Brow lamination and lash lift online and those courses were also thorough and in depth. Will be taking more courses soon :))

Megan Ontario, Nano Brows, Brow Lamination, Eyelash Lift

I was very happy with the training. Alice was thorough, to the point and able to answer all my questions! I would recommend Luxy to anyone seeking quality online training opportunities.

Carolyn. V Ontario, Microneedling

Luxy is amazing! If you’re ever looking into doing some online courses, they are the BEST!! Alice is a wonderful teacher; very educated, thorough and friendly. I’m so glad to have found them the be able to enhance my career from my home! The entire team at Luxy is amazing!

Mackenzie Ontario, Microblading, Microneedling

Such an amazing experience. Very quick and thorough course. Very laid back and stress-free zone! They are very flexible and understanding. My model was my dad and he fell really ill the day he came over for his brows. They called me right away and reassured me they'd reschedule and work with me to become certified asap! So thankful. Definitely feel prepared and have resources to look back on!

Rachel Virginia, Nano Brows

It was amazing and fun at the same time. I'm so happy to receive another achievement. Thank you so much Luxy Beauty Courses!

Stefanny Alberta, Eyelash Extension

Thank you guys!! Since doing some of your courses I've gained a lot of knowledge to be able to thrive in the industry!

Jessica Newfoundland, BB Glow, Eyelash Extension

Great class!

Marisleysis Florida, Eyelash Extension

My instructor was great and very informative!

Bobbie, G. Texas, Lip Blushing

Loved the course, everything was explained well. Any questions I have had were always answered promptly and in detail and shipping is speedy! A pleasure to speak to Luxy assistants.

Michelle, W. Canada, Microshading

I would like to say this is first educational program I’ve gone through that genuinely helped me when I had questions, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you & the company do!

Lora, L. California, Lash Package

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